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and moisture management for your home.





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DuPont not only invented Tyvek®, we invented housewrap. And today, more homes are wrapped in Tyvek® than any other brand.

DuPont developed a nonwoven fabric structure that not only resists airflow and water penetration, but it breathes, too. Moisture vapor can pass through… without perforations!

Why Tyvek? Tyvek® HomeWrap™ is like a windbreaker over a sweater, helping to keep air and water out. Insulation maintains its R-value only as long as air in the wall cavity stays still and dry. Wind and pressure differences let unconditioned air into a home.

Tyvek Advantages - Because Tyvek® has no holes, it protects your framing and sheathing better during construction. Tyvek® helps minimize damage from water leaks after the sale, and helps protect you from expensive callbacks. And Tyvek® is protected by a comprehensive DuPont guarantee.

Tyvek energy analysis - Tyvek® HomeWrap® Improves Comfort and cuts Energy Costs 25%. It also reduces the need to constantly keep heating or cooling the air entering your home.

Remodeling with Tyvek®
Tyvek® HomeWrap® and your home's insulation work together. Tyvek® helps your insulation PRESERVE its R-value. Trapped air is an excellent insulator, as long as the air is NOT MOVING. Insulation works to its R-value when the air inside stays still and dry.You’re MORE comfortable! Tyvek® HomeWrap® offers the most effective combination of air, water and moisture protection!